Visit in Dublin


Last Sunday we took the early flight to Dublin as José mentioned . We arrived before lunch so we had a 30min walk to the Guinness museum for some lunch and a Guinness tour. We even got a diploma stating we now know how to tap a perfect Guinness(!)

Guinness museum
Speed walk sightseeing #2
Flight to Dublin
Power walk sightseeing


On Monday we went to see the other fellows and all teams had a pitchsession where we were able to hear all the new and “old” CIF ideas. It was very interesting to see how old fellows had approached challenges, how much time they spent on different tasks and for example how much money they had raised and how. We also mingled with the other CIF people over some coffe and learned a lot from just talking to them. In the end we had a big group discussion with tips and tricks.

Before going to the airport me, Fritzi and Sjoerd had a power walk sightseeing before heading back to the airport. Walking very fast seeing as much as possible.

Thanks for having us, it was a very nice trip and interesting learnings!


5 days after coming home from Dublin I got a surprise trip to a secret destination to celebrate my girlfriends dads birthday. Yes you guessed it correct… I ended up going back to Dublin visiting the Guinness museum twice in one week 🙂

John van Leer