What will happen in a year? In two? In five? These are the questions that have been crowding team O’s head for the last couple of weeks. We need to make decisions about the future. With very little knowledge about the future. Interesting, difficult and time-consuming. To our aid we have had our final meeting with Gustav, team psychologist. We met him on Monday. With him we discussed different potential futures and how our own input would change depending on what we will be doing.

Fritzi in our group psychology session.

We have put a lot of group effort into discussing how to move forward and have made plans of what milestones on what we should have accomplished as a minimum by the end of 2017. We are thinking: by the end of the program we will have an aktiebolag, then by end of 2017 a prototype, patent, marketing material, testing plan and supplier ideas.

Milestones discussion for end of 2017.

We also had a discussion with the head of the women’s department, Birgitta Mörlin, to learn more about what they have thought about the work we’ve done so far and feedback on what we are doing, both at the clinic, but also with Amma.

/Désirée for team obstetrics