Our last mentor meeting!

This week we had our last business mentor meeting. We presented our product pitch, showed them our business plan and had a long open discussion with feedback and comments. I think this was the best meeting so far and gave us a lot of motivation for the future.

John van Leer, Carina Franzén


This week we also worked on making a murderer, kidding, prototype, making a prototype, of a breast. Down below you can see a pictures of the mold where we are trying to cast a fake breast for our breastfeeding experiments.

First real test with midwifes and patients!
We also spent one day at the hospital with a midwifes and several real patients where we did a simulation of our product to see how the moms with breastfeeding problems would interact with our product. We learned a lot from this observation and will adjust the product according to what we learned.






Uppsala and showing sketches

We started our week by going to Uppsala to interview an lactation researcher. Since we already had to go to Uppsala we took the chance to visit their famous bathhouse Fyrishov. We had some meeting discussions in the jacuzzi! Me and Désirée also jump from the 5m trampoline (!).

On Tuesday evening we went to our evening course at Sting learning more about Minimal viable products and the lean start up approach.


Wednesday evening we decided to have an After work at my place, eating pizza and having some vine.


Thursday, Per from Pilloxa, (an outcome from previous clinical innovation fellowship) came by and told us everything about their work on getting founding for their start up.


This week we also showed our first sketches of our breastfeeding concept to experts. We showed it to two midwifes who actually were positive to the concept.


Friday, we had a treasure hunt competition between our group, Team Obstetrics, and the other team,  Team Infection. We got a list of things to find in 15 min. Of course our team won.. 🙂



Designer team Obstetrics.

Master students, photoshoot and sketching

The past week we met and held an introduction day for all our master students where they got to know details about the project and we  got to know each other a bit better. It was really fun to talk to them. One exercise that I really enjoyed was when we were divided into groups and  had to find 3 common thing in our life’s.  We also talked to the students about the clinic and gave them some good to know about the anatomy. Then we walked around at the hospital to help them find their way around. Some of our students were able to start observing on their own the very day after our introduction. We feel very proud that our students seems to be so eager to start their journey as our master students!

Since we now have decide to go for the breastfeeding need for the Clinical innovation, we finally started to make some sketches. The sketches was more to illustrate our discussions and ideas during a previous brain storming session. For almost 5 months I, as a designer, haven’t sketched anything so it felt very fun to be able to start sketching again!pennor

The past week we met with a photographer who took photos of us for the up coming website and promotion for the program. It was almost a full day of work and very fun.foto-bakomkulliserna_Q4A1680-grupp

During the week we also worked a lot on our clinical report since the deadline is coming up soon. The clinical report is a report to give to the clinic at Danderyds Hospital to tell them our thoughts after our weeks of observation. Hopefully they could benefit from this!

Best regards



4 Needs!


We have now gone down to 4 needs! Three weeks ago we started with 200 commercial needs then by gut feeling we went from 200 to 100 need. From 100 to 50 needs we cluster needs that were similar. From 50 to 18 needs we made speed validations on all the needs giving them scores. From 18 to 4 we were a bit scared it would be hard and a lot of arguing. We took all 18 needs and had a deep discussion about all needs and gave them some scores until we had our 4 favorite needs.  It was actually very smooth and everyone seemed to be satisfied!

This Wednesday we met with our mentors and pitched our 4 needs. They seemed to like our needs and we got a lot of good feedback. It was a lot fun to also hear the other groups presentation. To celebrate going for 4 needs we went to a bar called “Häktet” and meet up with the other team and old fellows from CIF. It was super fun to meet old fellows and they gave us many advice which I think will be very helpful. After some drinks we were able to hear some nice gossip from previous years.

Our group is getting really excited to finally be a loud to start thinking of ideas. All ideation were band until today! Since I´m the designer in the team I have prepared a brief presentation about some tips on how to  go from a problem to a solution.

John – Team Obsterics

Meeting the Barcelona CIF teams, Friday



On last Friday our Swedish team went to meet the three Barcelona teams in Barcelona to ask them questions since they just graduated the CIF-program. They gave us a lot of interesting recommendations.

Since I´m very interested in product development and innovation these were the most interesting things they told us:

*Have a hat to give a person if he/ she was being too negative during a group discussion.

*Give a person that interrupts others a chicken or just say the word chicken.

*During brainstorming you could first say everyone needs to stay positive and wear positive props. ( like party hats. ) After the positive session you could decide the whole group should be “negative” wearing angry hats trying to find why this ideas won’t work.

So coming back from Barcelona this week we were super inspired and directly went to the store and bought:
1. A soft pig to throw at the person being negative.

2. A hat with some black on it for when the group should be critical.

3. A Hawaii flower bracelet to give to one when he/she did something positive

4. An “walking” balloon in the shape of a panda ? that you could get if you are positive.



We have now worked with picking out 40 local needs and 10 commercial ones and using these tricks and it worked super good. I think it could have been one of my most effective idé validation meeting ever, thanks to the props and advice we got in Barcelona! 

One advice we also got and are using is to ask our self:
“does this really mater in 1 month?” To not have long arguments over too small topics.

During the Saturday in Barcelona we had some time of before going to the airport in the evening so we walked around and visit the “Sagrada Familia” and much more. It was a very fun trip!





“Knivstart” Observing the C-section operation




This week we walked around together with the staff in different departments, observing everything. I was a bit nervous, since for the first day, I was supposed to join the C-section department. I was told to eat a lot of breakfast before operation so I would not pass out (next to the patient). I brought a can of tuna fish, some sandwiches and milk and ate it all in the parking lot outside the hospital at 6:35 am. After that I ran in, put on the blue scrub and 7.00 I entered the c-section department as promised.

I first watched parts (non bloody side) of two operations through a small window. Finally I was told that I could stand in the room behind the surgeon observing every move. At this moment it was 6 hours since I had my fancy breakfast in the parking lot….
… in the end of this operation I was told I was a bit pale in the face and had to sit on a chair. But hey I didn´t pass out.

Now in the end of the week I have watched two more C-section operation, it´s quiet amazing to see the baby being pulled out of the stomach. Everyone in the operation team is relieved and smiles towards each other as soon as we can hear the baby scream for the first time.


John // Product developer and designer.