Visit in Dublin

Guinness museum
Speed walk sightseeing #2
Flight to Dublin
Power walk sightseeing


Last Sunday we took the early flight to Dublin as José mentioned . We arrived before lunch so we had a 30min walk to the Guinness museum for some lunch and a Guinness tour. We even got a diploma stating we now know how to tap a perfect Guinness(!)

On Monday we went to see the other fellows and all teams had a pitchsession where we were able to hear all the new and “old” CIF ideas. It was very interesting to see how old fellows had approached challenges, how much time they spent on different tasks and for example how much money they had raised and how. We also mingled with the other CIF people over some coffe and learned a lot from just talking to them. In the end we had a big group discussion with tips and tricks.

Before going to the airport me, Fritzi and Sjoerd had a power walk sightseeing before heading back to the airport. Walking very fast seeing as much as possible.

Thanks for having us, it was a very nice trip and interesting learnings!


5 days after coming home from Dublin I got a surprise trip to a secret destination to celebrate my girlfriends dads birthday. Yes you guessed it correct… I ended up going back to Dublin visiting the Guinness museum twice in one week 🙂

John van Leer

Quick Post: Back From Dublin!

This Monday some of the past editions’ Clinical Innovation Fellows (Katarina Hedbeck from TADA, Louise Warme from Lara Diagnostics and Patrick Nilsson from Ortrud), the Clinical Innovation Team and present fellows (Fritzi, John and me) went to Dublin, for a mingle and workshop.

There we met with fellows from Bio-innovate Galway and D-Health Barcelona, to discuss different issues such as reimbursement, funding and how to work together as alumni.

It was a very quick visit but we managed to visit Dublin around, including the Guinness Factory! Doing workshops abroad have its perks!

We are now fully focused on our Graduation preparations, so stay tuned for future updates!

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José (Team Infection)


Just one week left. We are preparing for graduation by trying to finish as much of our work as possible this upcoming week. In one week’s time we are graduating from the CIF program and will be standing on our own feet as fellows. Until then we need to tie together as much things as we possibly can. This week we have had a meeting with our clinical supervisor Sophia to discuss how to move forward with the improvement work at the clinic after we are no longer there. We are discussing with our students and helping them prepare for their final presentations. We are putting together the final work on our own business plan on how to move forward with it. We are applying for grants and looking for other funding.

Meanwhile engineering and designer work is moving forward. We are discussing phantom boobs and phantom babies to try our prototypes.

Phantom boob designed by John

Feedback session on the program earlier this week. Nice to think of all the things we’ve seen and learned and how far we’ve come since September last year. It has been really educational to learn the biodesign process and looking at needs and not solutions (at least to start with!) and also a lot of fun working in such an inspirational team.

One week left!

Désirée for Team obstetrics

Team Infection: Planning (Planting?) Ahead

As CIF gets closer to an end we need to plan ahead on how to proceed, especially since we will have to manage our resources as optimally as possible, since they are going to be scarce.

Something very similar between Spain and Sweden is how there is a month each year where conducting business and initiatives can be very slow and difficult, as both countries really DO enjoy summertime. Taking that into account, things can get very difficult during summer, so we have to plant a lot of seeds now, and even sow some early crops before!

Timing, timing, timing!

Unfortunately, some of these seeds didn’t and/or will not germinate, despite our efforts. But any good gardener knows this: you’ve got to keep your crops nurtured, separated and rotational. While some ideas and initiatives might not work out as we planned, others may surpass our expectations!

And of course, while you wait for everything to be ready, you will probably have to make use of that sweet jam you saved months prior… worst case scenario, we might be doing some consulting.

But not farming consulting, please do not take any farming advice from this post.

Happy Easter!

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José (Team Infection)


What will happen in a year? In two? In five? These are the questions that have been crowding team O’s head for the last couple of weeks. We need to make decisions about the future. With very little knowledge about the future. Interesting, difficult and time-consuming. To our aid we have had our final meeting with Gustav, team psychologist. We met him on Monday. With him we discussed different potential futures and how our own input would change depending on what we will be doing.

Fritzi in our group psychology session.

We have put a lot of group effort into discussing how to move forward and have made plans of what milestones on what we should have accomplished as a minimum by the end of 2017. We are thinking: by the end of the program we will have an aktiebolag, then by end of 2017 a prototype, patent, marketing material, testing plan and supplier ideas.

Milestones discussion for end of 2017.

We also had a discussion with the head of the women’s department, Birgitta Mörlin, to learn more about what they have thought about the work we’ve done so far and feedback on what we are doing, both at the clinic, but also with Amma.

/Désirée for team obstetrics

Team Infection: Last Reference Group Meeting

This week we had our last reference group meeting, where our master students presented to the Reference Group the current status of their projects and what would be the best way forward.

We’ve talked before about these thesis, but to summarize the four different subjects are:

  • Facing the challenges of staff attraction and retention
  • Tackling the access to medical information, in the context of patient rooms
  • Approaching patients’ psychological isolation with a service design approach
  • Operation Management in the transition to the new wards, as the infectious diseases department is currently growing

They got feedback from the department about how would these impact the ward, what resources to use from now own and personal perceptions and advice. We are very grateful for their time and for getting so involved with our students.

We also had a meeting with Gustav, our psychological support, in his office at Knackeriet, a beautiful co-working space we wished we worked at:

Julien at the Bellman room (Bellman the Swedish poet)

Soon we will be finishing CIF so we addressed with Gustav how to move forward as a team, and how to support each other when motivation goes South (South as vanish, not as to Skåne or Denmark).

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José (Team Infection)

Getting closer to the end…

We only have a few weeks left of the CIF-program. It is time to start and tie together are different programs. Meanwhile the heads of the program are recruiting new teams for September. Very exciting for them! Mixed feelings for us! We are soon ready to graduate but there are still so many things left to do and also that would be fun to do within the program.

This week we have entered Venture Cup! We are excited about the opportunity and looking forward to hear feedback from them – as many people say that one of the best things with Venture Cup is the feedback part.

Entering venture cup!

We also had our last reference group meeting. All our master students presented what they’ve done so far and got feedback from the department. They have been working hard on making the flow at the operation room better, discovering how to improve routines around the drg-coding, making sure that patients know what is going on and finding a way to minimizing the waste at the department through smarter containers. It’s impressive how hard they have all worked, what progress they have made and what solutions they have found. We really hope it will add value to the Women’s department!

Alexandra and Julia, engineering master students, presenting their project about improving DRG routines.

This afternoon we are going to a lecture and networking event at doberman, looking forward to it! And then it’s time for another one of CIF’s famous after works- where we meet fellows from previous years. That usually is really fun and rewarding because all of the wisdom these fellows bring with them!

We are looking forward to the last month in the program, hoping to get the most out of these last weeks.

Désirée, Team O

Team Infection: Working with the Pros

We made it through our Business Mentor meeting, with very valuable feedback about our way forward and how can we tackle some of the different issues we might encounter when trying to address changing patients’ behavior.

And that is probably the crux of the matter: we cannot change patients’ behavior. We can workaround it, we can stimulate it, we can punish it or reward it. But changing it may be as difficult as changing a bad habit, like smoking or eating to much kanelbullar.

With this in mind, we have contacted one of the experts in this: Sven Simonsson, dentist and expert in enhancing dentistry services in order to reduce no-shows and peak perform in patient satisfaction surveys. His insights have been very valuable to us, as now we have a 30 year hands-on experience point of view to our approach.

    Sven in how to manage patient perception

Finally we also had a dress rehearsal for our students, as they have their Reference Group Meeting next Wednesday. It seems that they are eager to show their progress!

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José (Team Infection)

Our last mentor meeting!

This week we had our last business mentor meeting. We presented our product pitch, showed them our business plan and had a long open discussion with feedback and comments. I think this was the best meeting so far and gave us a lot of motivation for the future.

John van Leer, Carina Franzén


This week we also worked on making a murderer, kidding, prototype, making a prototype, of a breast. Down below you can see a pictures of the mold where we are trying to cast a fake breast for our breastfeeding experiments.

First real test with midwifes and patients!
We also spent one day at the hospital with a midwifes and several real patients where we did a simulation of our product to see how the moms with breastfeeding problems would interact with our product. We learned a lot from this observation and will adjust the product according to what we learned.






Team Infection: Back to the Clinic

As we advanced last week, we need to gather more learnings about how can we influence patients’ behavior and how can we make a significant impact on this.

With this in mind, we are going back to how patients interact with healthcare and how staff interact with patients, with the aim of finding gaps and filling them.

Welcome again to the infectious diseases clinic!

We’ve been calling patients as well to find out how and why/why not do they make it to their appointments. What tools do they use to remind their appointments? What kind of situations are the ones that make interaction with healthcare more difficult? How would they prefer to be contacted? (and so on…)

We’re also preparing for out last business mentor meeting, where we will expose to our business mentors our business plans and how are we aiming to achieve our different goals.

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José (Team Infection)