Quick Post: Late Night Work

Late night work at Hus 50 getting ready for our 1st Reference Group Meeting! Stay tuned next week for more information!

Work night!

Late night work at Hus 50!

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”Knivstart” Observing the C-section operation




This week we walked around together with the staff in different departements, observing everything. I was a bit nervous, since for the first day, I was supposed to join the C-section department. I was told to eat a lot of breakfast before operation so I would not pass out (next to the patient). I brought a can of tuna fish, some sandwiches and milk and ate it all in the parking lot outside the hospital at 6:35 am. After that I rann in, put on the blue scrub and 7.00 I entered the c-section department as promised.

I first watched parts (non bloody side) of two operations through a small window. Finally I was told that I could stand in the room behind the surgeon observing every move. At this moment it was 6 hours since I had my fancy breakfast in the parking lot….
… in the end of this operation I was told I was a bit pale in the face and had to sit on a chair. But hey I didn´t pass out.

Now in the end of the week I have watched two more C-section operation, it´s quiet amazing to see the baby being pulled out of the stomach. Everyone in the operation team is relieved and smiles towards each other as soon as we can hear the baby scream for the first time.


John // Product developer and designer.


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Shadowing the professionals

The first week of in-field clinical observations is over for Team Infection. After one week of being part of the day to day work at the Infectious Diseases clinic at Danderyds Sjukhus, we are closer to identifying the needs that the clinic has.

But this has not been without struggle, as it seems that our dive into the clinic got some of our team members sick. But, taking advantage of difficulty, we were able to observe the clinical pathway… from a patients’ point of view.

We also followed senior & junior doctors in their daily work development. From the inpatient to the outpatient wards, we have been learning how they integrate into the healthcare system, their procedures and techniques, and the relation with the patients. Doctors that work as consulting support for other wards and departments have also been followed.

We have also shadowed nurses and assistant nurses, witnessing the broad amount of care they deliver, as well as the extensive number of tasks they carry out.

Working hard!

Team Infection evaluating observations to formulate needs

All these observations will make us able to identify the needs that the department, and their members, have in the development of the daily work and care.

(You can always reach us by sending an e-mail to: teaminfection@clinicalinnovation.se)

José (Team Infection)

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Team Infection

After the Clinical Introduction at the Infectious Diseases Department at Danderyds Hospital, the CIF team working at the clinic is ready to start observing all the activities that the department develops in its daily work…

But wait… what is CIF?

CIF, standing for Clinical Innovation Fellowships is a multidisciplinary EIT (European Innovation Technology) Health Innovation Fellowship supported by KI (Karolinska Institutet), KTH (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan) and the Stockholm County Council (Stockholm Läns Landsting). If you haven’t lost yourself with all this acronyms, there will be some more, further on.

The team that addresses you in this post is stationed at the Infectious Diseases Department at Danderyds Hospital. This team is composed by Peter Kelly (Medical Doctor), Julien Mauroy (Industrial Designer), Christoffer Haas (Business) and José Díaz (Engineer).


(Seen from left: Christoffer Haas (Business), Julien Mauroy (Industrial Designer), José Díaz (Engineer) and Peter Kelly (Medical Doctor)).

At the time you read this blog post, we have already completed a three weeks introduction program. The introduction started at CTMH (Center for Technology in Medicine and Health) headquarters at Flemingsberg.

This first week was followed by an incredible off-site kick-off (friendly named “Boot camp”). All of this accompanied by an immense quantity of arrangements that make this Fellowship possible (everything from intranet logins, to tools for team cohesion, going through observational exercises on-site and learning from the experiences of former participants).

And now, after the third week, the Clinical Introduction is for sure over. We have had a busy week packed with invaluable meetings with key resources at the Danderyds Hospital. We have been introduced to the hospital’s CEO, human resources, managers, doctors, nurses, assistant nurses, IT managers, the head of the clinic and many more, to whom we all have to extend our thanks for their welcome.

We have spent most of our time at the departments that, directly or indirectly, work with Infectious Diseases. From the Infectious Diseases’ wards 3 and 4, through Dermatology, Orthopedics and the Emergency Department.

And now introduced to all the levels of labor that make the clinical machinery work, it is our time now is time to follow its clockworkers, the women and men that make this clinical environment possible, steady and efficiently.

From our office at Hus 50, 4th floor, we thank again everyone that is making this possible, and we are excited to post next week again, after our first week observing activities on-site at the clinic.

(You can always reach us by sending an e-mail to: teaminfection@clinicalinnovation.se)

José (Team Infection)

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The beginning


This is the first blog post from Team Obstetrics.

The past two weeks of introduction has passed quickly, although it feels like a lifetime ago since we first met at the boot camp.

The Clinical Innovation Fellowships 16-17 was kicked off with a week of boot camp sessions at Högberga Gård. During this week the fellow candidates became acquainted with one another through group exercises and learned more about the theory of Need Based Innovation. The team constellations and allocation of clinics was decided during this intensive but fun week.

The following week we, Team Obstetrics, were given an introduction to the Women’s Clinic at Danderyd University Hospital. We met with the heads of the departments, the hospital management and supporting functions like the controller and the administration. We were also given tours of the different departments to understand the settings and some of the equipment used.

We learned that Women’s Clinic is a large clinic, with more than 500 employees and 10+ departments. Given our limited time frame of 6 weeks of observations our first challenge was to limit the scope of our observations. Therefor we decided to initially focus our observations to the Obstetrics division.

One of the most interesting aspects of Obstetrics is its versatility of care. It hosts in-patient care, out-patient care, surgery and acute care. The patient population is large and the need for efficiency and innovation is high.

So it is with high hopes and a great deal of anticipation we now start the observation phase of Clinical Innovation Fellowships 2016-2017.kopia-av-kopia-av-teamoop1

Team Obstetrics: Carina (Business), Désirée (Medical Doctor), Fritzi (Engineer), John (Designer)


/Carina (Business Manager)

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Knappt 4 veckor kvar till vi släpps ut i den ”riktiga världen”, med avklarat program bakom oss och med en mängd nya erfarenheter. Vi har utvecklats enormt och nu ska vi stå på egna ben, möta marknadsekonomin och etablera oss som ett medicintekniskt bolag!

Låter helt surrealistiskt att man har lyckats åstadkomma så mycket på så kort tid. Att fyra individer som jobbar tillsammans mot ett och samma mål kan göra så mycket!! Helt imponerad!

Vi hade vår första presentation, eller ”pitch” som det så fint kallas, för externa aktörer i fredags för att ansöka om medel för att kunna fortsätta vår verksamhet.

Teamet har verkligen mognat till en väloljad och sammansvetsad grupp. Vi vet vart vi ska! Men det roligaste av allt, vi gör det tillsammans!


Christopher, läkaren


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Onsdag och torsdag v 14

Onsdagen började med en workshop på Barncancerfonden dit representanter från de barnonkologiska klinikerna i Uppsala, Lund och Stockholm var inbjudna av CTMH och BCF i syfte att kartlägga gemensamma behov och spåna hur dessa kan tas vidare efter CIF-programmets gång:


Efter workshopen åkte jag till Konstfack för handledning med våra inredningsarkitekt-studenter Cecilia och Therese:


På eftermiddagen träffades gruppen på Open lab för att spåna företagsnamn medan vi drack champagne som Christopher tagit med sig:


På torsdagen skuggade Rebecca och jag en SSK på vuxenonkologen:


…samt hade handledning med Marcus och Lukas som gör examensarbete om förråd och beställningssystem på bonken, detta fastnade dock inte på bild.





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SLL Innovation

Tiden går snabbt när man har roligt! Förra veckan hade vi besök av SLL Innovation som berättade om allt de gör och hur de kan hjälpa oss komma vidare. Bland annat fick vi höra om SLLs super 3d skrivare som används för att skriva ut bilden på käken. Vi hoppas kunna använda den så snart som möjligt!

Vi har också hunnit starta STING Test Drive Health och börjat skriva på vår affärsplan till venture cup.

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Veckan som gått

Föregående vecka var full av höjdpunkter!

Allt inleddes med mentorsmöte där vi fick betyget Simpel och genial samtidigt! på vår idé. På tisdagen invigdes läkarrummet som vår student Sophia slitit med sen i höstas. Klinikchefen var på plats, band klipptes och Sophia fick en blomma. Veckan avslutades med att Hanna och jag presenterade väl valda delar från klinikrapporten för MSI, en avdelning vid Akademiska sjukhuset som ansvarar för medicinsk teknik, sjukhusfysik och it. Till vår överraskning fick vi en liten present som tack! 🙂

Fil 000 (2)Fil 000

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